Sunday, February 10, 2013

Littlest details

As you've probably noticed, I have become obsessed lately with the tiniest details. I love everything about my children from the way T's scraggly (in need of a haircut) hair curls around his ear to the tips of Mai's electric painted blue toenails. I've been in love with capturing these special little details. They are changing so rapidly, everytime I swear I'll never forget this one thing she said or this one thing he did, they've gone off and done something new and entirely different.
I love the way she sleeps...
 "Mom I can do it myself."
 Mai has always been a bookworm and I"m happy that it seems to be a habit that is sticking with her, at least for a little while longer. She loves to be read to, she loves listening to her books on cd, and she has become exceptionally good at memorizing and reciting her favorite books to herself or anyone who will listen.

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