Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Anne and Brent sitting in a tree...

First comes love, then comes marriage....

Brent pops the question, Anne says "YES!", and I hide in a bush capturing it all on film. So excited for these 2! They are so perfect together.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its the Little Things

Inspired by a recent post written by my friend, Kim (mom of beautiful twin girls), I've decided to list my current favorite things that Mailande does to get her daddy and I smiling all day long.

* My very favorite thing- her laugh. I want to bottle it and save it forever.

* Mailande has a book about belly buttons. She now LOVES them. If she is ever shirtless she just rubs her belly nonstop. She also really likes to lift my shirt and play with my "bee-bo"- that's how a tiny hippo says Belly Button.

* When Daddy is home, she LOVES to be his best friend. Her feelings get hurt when he has to go to work.

* Love her fat squishy feet, the one curl on the left side of her head, and the way she runs with her hands in fists.

* When she thinks she's being cute or in search of attention she cocks her head to the side and "blinks" or winks rapidly like she is flirting with you.

* When she is done eating she slips her toes up on the table to see if anyone is looking. If no one stops her, she puts both feet up and kicks back.

* When she is really tired, she has this hysterical laugh that is a warning sign that if we don't get her moving to bed the laugh is going to quickly turn into a meltdown.

* I love the smile on Mailande's face when she farts. She makes big, giant "make your daddy proud" farts and then looks around to see who heard it. Once its been acknowledged she laughs and laughs.

* Mailande has just learned the term teeth, eat, and walk. If you mention those words she immediately runs to the appropriate place. Teeth-she stands at the bathroom door anxious to brush her teeth, Eat-she starts pulling on her high chair, Walk-she runs into the office and starts pushing her stroller into walls. Usually this is awesome, unless I'm just mentioning "maybe later we'll go for a walk". Once the idea is set in her head, it must be done.

*Mailande is obsessed with the dog. She has been working different angles lately to try to be London's best friend. This includes laying in her bed, directing London to her food and water bowl, letting her lick her hands during meals, following her everywhere, and lately she has been laying on the floor and slowly, very slowly creeps inches closer to the dog.

*If she can steal a phone from anyone, she climbs on the couch, leans back, and moves both thumbs like she is texting all her friends (which sometimes she really is doing. Mailande Moran and others to fill you in on the random texts they get from my phone)

Oh, there are so many things I love about our little girl.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spaghetti Head

Mailande has been helping in feeding herself for awhile now, however she has suddenly decided that she should be the ONLY person to feed herself any form of food. Today we embraced a spaghetti flinging, fork stabbing, and sauce in the eye experience.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Check out the awesome dress Grandma McKeeby made me!!

Also, guess who has 2 molars coming in? That makes for 8 teeth. 6 on top (4 in the center, 2 molars) and 2 on the bottom.