Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet sweet summertime

The past few weeks have been an amazing break from the busy schoolyear. I have so many pictures and so much to blog. The kids are amazing and I am overwhelmed every day by my love for them.

 Working together. ALL ABOARD!

 Playing with Madi

 Sweet Princess

Since being home, Mai and T have really learned how to play together. I often catch them snuggled on the couch reading a book or in the office playing in the kitchen. Mai leads the games and T is quick to jump in and try to do anything his sissy is doing.

North Carolina

This summer we ventured to McCabin. It was an amazing and relaxing week with Grandma and Grumpy.

 While Thomas was scared, Mai loved riding the 4wheelers and begged to go every day. She was so full of energy and loved going on walks and chasing anyone who would run with her around the deck in the morning.

Monday, June 10, 2013


It is officially summer and we are all looking forward to school-less days. We fully plan on filling our days with playdates, lots of sunshine, fun in the kitchen, and lazy afternoons. This summer will be a nice rest before mommy starts her newest adventure, teaching 5th grade at a new school! I am so excited about the change and even more excited about my 8 weeks of playtime before it.


They are so cute.
 Emily came to visit
 My little man!
 Yummmm lunch!