Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I love them!
They are getting bigger every day. Mai is memorizing every book in the house and Thomas is day by day and step by step closer to being a big boy. He loves eating at the table with us and enjoys real food. At daycare they began the transition today to the 1s room. Thomas tested out his cot (versus crib) and enjoyed drinking from a big kid cup. Good thing Grandpa Dorn gave him lots of practice this past weekend. We are awaiting news on the house and hopefully getting ready to plan our move-in/1st birthday party!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big kids

I don't think I could possible love them more.
Mai -2.5
Thomas 11 month

I was talking to Mai last night:
Me: Mai, do you think you could just stay a little girl forever and be mommy's baby?
Mai: No mom. I want to be a big girl (picks up toy phone). I'm textin'

Oh excuse me Little Ms 2 going on 16.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

80 degree January, I'll take it

We moved into my in-laws house with the intention of taking over their house for a mere month or 2, at most 3. Here we are 6 months later still hogging up their house. We are so fortunate for their generosity as they've shared their space and endured our noise and clutter.

We are happy to report 2013 looks like it'll be giving us a house...one day....maybe in the near future. We have been waiting, some days more patiently than others, to close on the ridiculous short sale we 1st viewed back in August.

In the meantime, we are doing our best to enjoy these beautiful 80 degree January days, filling our weekends with yard work, afternoons at the park, and just being silly.
 Can you believe my sweet little baby boy is going to be 1 in one short month?!? 
I know, neither can I. He has been doing his best to practice walking and is loving his towards freedom. Thomas has also been exploring with new foods and has now kicked baby food at daycare and eats all the big kid foods. He has recently developed an overwhelming love for his grandma and grandpa and WILL NOT stand to see them walk into the room and not pick him up. He is funny, happy, and is already proving to be our littlest dare devil.

          Mai had her 1st dentist appointment this past week and was such a big girl. She told all her friends at daycare "The dentist is SOOO MUCH FUN!" as she proudly showcased her special bag of tricks (toothbrush, floss, all the usuals that excite a 2 year old). She has also come into her own at school. She talks to the other kids and reminds them of all the rules "Did you hear Ms. Brenda? She said go clean up home living?" and she has even taken one of the younger girls under her wing and serves as her speaker and "big sister type". We are so proud of our confident, enthusiastic, and maybe a tad bossy little girl. She spent several days of the past week testing out the 3s room for her transition coming so soon. 3?! Again, how did this happen so quickly?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to Work

For as overwhelming as life as a teacher can be, I am so unbelievable thankful for all the extended holidays. I have spent so much time the past 2 weeks snuggling, reading books, and just being silly with my 2 favorite little people. Today's gorgeous weather was a perfect sendoff to the holiday break. We were able to go to the park, play outside, and just enjoy each other before we're all back to the grind.
 Enjoying her new books from the library. Grandma gave Mai a cd player with headphones, she picked out a book and cd and has been "reading" to herself. At night she lays in bed and recites the stories of Curious George and Clifford to herself. She is so incredible sweet.

 Thomas LOVED being driven around by Mai,
Mai LOVED being in charge. 

 Silly kids

 Crosses his feet like his big sister

I am so glad I was able to be home (12.5) to see Thomas take his first steps. He was so proud of himself taking 3-4 steps back and forth between myself and Grandpa. Both kids are starting to socialize and have had a blast on playdates with friends and even with strangers at the Science Center. I'm amazed every single day by all their changes and couldn't be more proud of the little people they are becoming.