Monday, September 17, 2012

September update

Life in the Big Potato has sure been an adjustment for everyone. Joel is loving his new job, the kids are enjoying school, and me...well...lets just say its no picnic. If it weren't for the fact that I have an amazingly supportive husband and two fabulous kids, you could say that I hate it here. Trying to stay positive though, so we won't talk of such nonsense.
T turned 7 months yesterday. He can now sit up, has 3 teeth (2 bottom, 1 top), and army crawl/scoots/rolls/slithers all over the place. He has become so in tune to everything around him and incredible active. I'm not sure what happened, but I feel like I took a long nap and my infant became a little boy. Is there a slow down button?
M is great! At 2 1/2 she has days where she is the sweetest girl in the world and days I swear she has been possessed. She is literally a sponge and recites remarkable amounts of new material daily. She has recently learned how to spell her name and "party". She loves singing songs, coloring, dancing, and most of all she loves watching tv and reading books. Dora, Mickey, Clifford, and Curious George are among her current favorites.
She says that for Halloween she would like to be Swiper the Fox (from Dora). I am trying to think of a cute coordinating set of costumes for her and her brother (and if possible, the whole family). Ideas are currently being accepted.

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