Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daycare is the pits

M & T have fallen in love with daycare. Some days Mai is hesitant to get out the door, but once she is there, she blows daddy kisses and is off to play with her friends. She comes home and talks about her teacher and all her friends. She wants to have them over to "Mai's house" to play. T loves flirting with all the ladies and enjoys the extra attention he gets.

Unfortunately, even though we are happy with the staff at the daycare, the daily germ dose has been enough to send out family into a tizzy. The kids have been sick since day 2; runny noses, no big deal. Week 2 brought a whole new level of sickness, including high fevers, green snot, runny poo, and phone calls to pick up the babies because they are banned from daycare. It has been a juggle trying to balance skipping out on work and getting a job done.
Luckily, the kids, despite their grossness, are full of smiles and giggles. We are all looking forward to 3 day weekend at the beach and hopefully some germ free kids.

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