Friday, July 27, 2012

July catchup

 We moved to Grandma and Grandpa's house mid July and while mom & dad are house hunting, Mai and T have been enjoying spending their days with Grandma. Grandma is now hooked on Dora books. Joel is enjoying his new job and I am loving being home with the kids. Some days are pretty overwhelming looking at houses, calling doctors, visiting daycares, dreading the start of a new school year, but nothing could kill the joy of spending the day with my sweet babies.
 At 5 months old, Thomas is the happiest, gigglest, bounciest baby. He he is mid flight in his command center.
 On July 25th T got his 1st tooth! He has been chewing on his poor foot all week.
 LOVE that my days are filled with many moments like this......

 Best buddies love reading and playing together.

 Mai had her 1st swim lesson and was a champ. No tears. "Teacher so proud!" More swim pictures to come.
I'm the luckiest mom!

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