Thursday, June 21, 2012

June update

Joel and I are having an incredible time being home. Minus the 2nd paycheck, we are enjoying having this special time to spend as a family. Its been a nice and relaxing summer. We have huge changes ahead of us and while some days are harder then others, we are looking forward to the next big adventure in our life.

I have a 4th grade position at Lakeville Elementary and am excited to be working at a school with one of my best friends, Brittany. I am a little nervous about being somewhere new and teaching ALL subjects, but have already been heavily researching ideas and strategies for writing and reading.

Things are still in limbo as far as Joel's job. He has one, but his start date is uncertain. While its a little unsettling, we are exceptionally appreciative of the extra time with Daddy at home.

We are looking into many different options for housing, building/buying...we can't seem to commit.

In the world of kids, both are amazing. Mai is consistently using the potty while at home. We are preparing to test the potty going out in day. Mailande is picking up every single word and phrase that we use. Watch out, she's a "sneaky fox" and a big time copy cat. Anything you say WILL be repeated. Joel and I are constantly laughing at all her new phrases and cute way of speaking.
Thomas is getting bigger every day. At 3 1/2 months he was rolling back to front and front to back. Now he loves rolling on his tummy and looking around the room. He LOVES hanging with mommy now that she's home and adores watching his sister. He has also become the happiest little boy, always full of baby giggles. We can not get enough of his cuteness. Today he started using his exersaucer and boy oh boy did he love it!

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