Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Day of Preschool

The kids had a great first day. Mai woke up excited and couldn't wait to go to school. When I asked to take her picture, so told me we couldn't do it in front of the red door, she wanted it with the trees behind her (ugh photographer's kid-lol). When I told her to stand near T she kept grabbing him in this tight bear hug and grabbing his hand and tugging him along, ready for her new adventure. Oh they melt my heart. Mai was such a trooper and rain to her room. As I got ready to leave she grabbed me real close and started to whimper. When I told her she'd have a great day she said "no mom, you forgot to say "Hasta Pasta" which is grandpa's special way of saying bye. I said "Hasta Pasta" and she rain off to play with her new friends :) T was a little shakier and had a rough drop off, but by pick up he was one happy camper and super excited to see mommy. Oh how I love their faces when I walk in the door at school! My day was nice and uneventful. I'm excited about my sweet group of kids and am looking forward to a great year.

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