Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Mailande and Thomas had a very busy Easter weekend. Ma (Great grandma) came to visit and brought the kids easter presents and a Bunny cake (a Fox tradition).

On Good Friday, we went to the Zoo and Mai & Daddy fed lettuce to the giraffes.

On Easter, Mailande had her 1st Easter Egg hunt. She loved all the goodies in her basket and the treats in her eggs. The first egg Mailande opened had a piece of chocolate in it. She quickly gobbled it up. Then the 2nd egg had some goldfish. Mai was very quick to toss those aside in search of more chocolate ("choc-ah"). When all the chocolate and candies were eaten she went back to the boring ol' goldfish. She's a chocoholic already, oh boy!

Thomas's 1st Easter and Mailande wearing the beautiful Easter dress that Grandma made her.
Hanging with the Dorns

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