Saturday, October 22, 2011

18 months

We went to the doctor for Mailande's 18th month checkup. She was such a big girl, checking on the crying babies, walking the hallways, and flirting and talking with all the doctors and nurses.

Length: 30.5inches
Weight: 20.6lbs (up from the 1st to the 6th percentile)

The doctor was so pleased with Mailande and said that he was very surprised that she wasn't in daycare. He said he had great social skills and was such a well behaved girl. She received 4 shots and took them like a big girl. Her eyes got real wide at the nurse and then she snuggled in my arms with about 30 seconds of tears before she was back to her normal self. Mailande also learned a new word at the doctor's office, "no". She has said that more in the last 3 hours than I think any other word in her whole life. Silly little girl.

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  1. She is so tiny! My girls are only 7 months and are already 18 pounds each!