Saturday, September 17, 2011


When Kendahl left our house the other day, she told me there was a note hidden somewhere for me to find. About an hour after she left, I came across Creepy, a life size doll that someone gave Mailande. Mailande loves the doll, even if it creeps everyone else out. On her face was the note from Kendahl. Mailande started to cry and was so upset that someone had put something on Creepy's face.
I ripped the note off, laughing hysterically and trying to calm Mailande down, but she was too upset by my laughing to be bothered by me. She laid Creepy down, wiped her face, and gave her the biggest hugs and kisses I've ever seen.
That baby may be silly like mommy, but I think she is sensitive like her Daddy. It was one of the sweetest things. She kept hugging her and wiping her face to make sure she was ok. We have such a sweet baby girl (and a hilarious babysitter).

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